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Your company’s technological needs should support your business, not constrain it.

We at Itech Administrators focus on the strategic needs of your business to determine the technical capabilities needed to support your unique IT requirements.

Co-Operative Computing helps you address technology-related decisions to ensure your IT Environment is agile and effective, saving you time, money and optimizing your business.



Professional Information Technology (IT) Management and support services of network infrastructure systems for SMEs and large corporate clients.


Remote Support


Need a fault resolved quickly? As long as you have an internet connection we can assist you remotely with your query.


Managed IT Services


We will monitor your system, provide a detailed report on the health of your system, and carry out ICT asset management.

Our experienced team of network support engineers will be able to take remote control of your system (workstation or server) with your permission and guide you through the solutions step-by-step.

Useful for faster IT problem resolution and performing pro-active system maintenance.

The best part is that you don’t even need to leave the office or your workstation to implement these solutions.

Remote services are included in all SLA agreements.

Itech Administrators offers professional IT management and support of network infrastructure systems for SME’s and large corporate clients. IT support solutions will be structured to suit your specific business requirements.

Itech Administrators SLA’s facilitate a combined pro-active and reactive approach. This way you are afforded peace of mind that your IT environment is up-to-date, consistently available, more stable, and secure. IT matters are handled in the quickest time possible, thus saving you time and money, and ensuring unhindered productivity of your work.

With our team members averaging 10 years IT experience, you can be assured that we have a broad range of knowledge and experience. This in turn means that we are adept at managing complex server infrastructures and network configurations across various business sectors.


Fixed Fee Support Plan

  • Unlimited Remote Support.
  • Unlimited Ad-hoc Call Outs.
  • Includes all Monitoring and Maintenance.
  • Unlimited IT Support for a Fixed Monthly Fee.
  • Includes Scheduled Onsite Weekly Appointments.


  • Rapid response times.
  • Reduce system downtime.
  • Increased client staff productivity.
  • Quality customer care and support.
  • Efficient, Affordable, Safe and Secure.
  • Fewer calls and shortened call lengths.
  • No travelling time means lower costs and less time wasted.
  • Convenient where on-site visits are very difficult, possibly due to location of client.
  • By physically seeing the problem, Itech Administrators is able make a quicker more accurate diagnosis (versus phone and email), allowing first time resolution of problems. Less frustration.
  • Transparency between user and support staff. Client is able to witness and better understand the added service provided and thus the service value.



  • Remote Software Support for Servers.
  • Remote Software Support for Workstations.
  • Unlimited Remote Support Instances (for contract client).
  • For more complicated problems that cannot be rectified remotely, an appointment will be made for a support engineer to provide on-site assistance.


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Service Level Agreement (SLA) We promise the best quality services